Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dream Builders: Nuggets of wisdom from Walt Disney

When the family is in Orlando while it is your son's birthday, Disney World is in some ways a no-brainer. So last Friday the Moss fam celebrated Jaxon in the land of the mouse. 

They are in the process of building a new "Fantasyland" (which we had thought/hoped would be done). Though there are tons of rides in the theme park heavy duty construction vehicles are normally viewed as inappropriate for the general public, so there are walls up blocking off the construction. 

Of course just having plywood walls or chain fences isn't Disney's game, so a blue castle-like wall went around where the work was taking place. Spread out around the wall were these shields (remember, it's Fantasyland) that each depicted quotes from the late Walt Disney. Leave it to Disney to make a construction barrier interesting.  

Each titled DREAM BUILDERS, the shields were a great collection of soundbites from the famous creative. Yes, I made the family wait while I took pictures of them all:

And...for anyone reading this from New Life Lincoln Park - one of these is going to show up in my message this coming Sunday. How's that for building suspense, huh?  =)

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