Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11: Already Starting to Fade

World War I. is incredibly interesting. The stories of what soldiers went through are phenomenal. They are meaningful because of my related history as a citizen of our country. But not experiencing WWI firsthand I don't have an emotional connection to it. I don't feel it.

But 9/11 I experienced and 9/11 I felt. Not as a New Yorker would have. Not as one of the victim's family and friends would have. But in my own way as a Chicagoan, as a husband, as a youth pastor, and just as a guy looking at a screen with complete disbelief.

And now it is 2012, eleven years later. I found this cartoon yesterday that pretty much sums it up:

The intense pain of monumental tragedies can eventually dissipate over time. Yet it never leaves. But the further away your connection is to an event the quicker that lessening will happen. And in such cases the significance of a moment can be forgotten. The importance isn't removed it's just not remembered.

Remember 9/11. Don't let it fade.

Thank someone in the military for their sacrifice.
Thank a police officer or fire fighter for their service.
Thank God for your family and your friends.

And pray for New York today - because I know this day means something to them that the rest of us truly can't comprehend.

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