Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Me and THE Patch Adams

While buckling up on a bright and early 5:50am flight yesterday I noticed an older and rather eccentrically dressed guy sitting down across the aisle from me. "Man he looks familiar." But I couldn't place it.

Three hours later as I'm gathering my stuff up after landing I hear someone say, "Can we take a picture?" And the guy sitting with Mr Eccentrically Dressed has his iPhone held out arm length. I finally had a good look at the guy's face and it hit me... THAT'S PATCH ADAMS!!!

We got off the plane at the same time so of course I had to ask, "Mr Adams - your story has always been an incredible inspiration to me. Can I be a stupid fan and get a pic with you?"

"Absolutely - on two conditions: you pick your nose while we're doing it and you go to my website to check out the stuff we're doing." 

So I picked my nose with Patch Adams:

The funniest thing is that before the picture was taken he looks at me with my finger in my nose and says, "OK - no simulations allowed, you have to be mining for gold."

Before walking away he said, "Don't forget to go to my website and check out our stuff. The movie only scratched the surface. And share it with your friends."

So I'm doing that, here's his site:

And if you've never seen the movie Patch Adams, well, it's not too late. Repent and change your ways. =)


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I think he meant this site: