Monday, March 01, 2010

-- Blink -- "Holy cow! Where did it go?"

When I first looked at my phone early this morning I did a double take. March 1st!?!?!

Where the heck did January & February go?!?!

First two months of the year...BAM!  Gone!
First two months of the new decade...BAM!  Gone.

Life has been moving so fast over the last month, it's hard for me to realize that time is progressing.
That is until the reality stares me in the face.

Now is when I need to go back to December 31st; time to revisit all of those big visions and resolutions for the new year, new season, and new decade.

It's easy to make a grandiose list of goals and ambitions when you're on holiday break and life is in 1st gear.  It's when we're in 4th gear, wondering if it's possible to get a 5th or 6th gear installed, that we need to set the goals and dream the dreams.  Now the context in which they'll be cast is realistic. 

I think my New Year resolution going into 2011 will be this:

I will not make any resolutions until March 1, 2011.

The goals do need to be set though, don't they?  The dreams constant before our sight and next step. 
If I'm not pursuing those ambitions time will slip on by like the sneaky little weasel that it is.

Because before I know it...BAM!  2019 is gone!

And I'm left wondering if I wasted a decade.

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