Saturday, July 02, 2011

Week in Review

I've been really trying to get into a regular blogging rhythm lately.  It's just a good place for me to process what I'm experiencing in life, regardless what it is (scroll to the bottom of the page and read the left column, as far as why I do this blog). One cool thing I've seen in the writings of other bloggers I follow is the concept of a day for random meandering.  Ben Arment calls it his "Wednesday Morning Run Down" and Tim Schraeder calls his the "Monday Mind Dump." Love this idea, and am going to learn from it. For me Saturdays will be the best day for meandering, hence, "The Week in Review." 

Here we go...
  • Jeannette and I saw Transformers 3 on Wed. If you go into it with the expectation of seeing a pure summer action movie, you'll like it. If you go expecting something deep and meaningful, well...don't go. Best part: the full auditorium erupted in cheers when the Chicago skyline first came on the screen. It was great to see extensive footage of the Michigan Ave area. When we were driving down Lake Shore Drive yesterday we both kept pointing at buildings where key scenes occurred. 
  • Though we've been packing here and there over the last couple weeks, this weekend is for the serious stuff.  Hoping to have most of everything over to the condo by tomorrow night.
  • If you've ever sent an email or you ever plan on sending an email (that means everyone), then you need to read this by Michael Hyatt: Email Etiquette 101.
  • Another from Michael Hyatt that hit me this week: Why I hope to die empty
  • My cousin Rachel posted this article on my FB wall: How to talk to little girls. When I see Baylee I've always said, "Hey beautiful" or "Hey princess."  I've been trying to add "Hey sweet girl" or "Hey smart girl" to my terms of endearment. Though I agree with the article, I think the verbiage needs to be different, not the same thing all the time.  And I do think that little girls need to hear that their daddy's think they are beautiful.
  • Bruce Springsteen offered the eulogy at Clarence Clemon's funeral. Still weird to think this great musician is gone. My favorite song by the boss is Badlands, which Clarence is amazing on: YOUTUBE.
  • Great article about Mr. Roger's and his faith.
  • And this is by far the pic of the week, from when we had the kids at Armour Park yesterday:

Have a great weekend and 4th!!!


Jessica said...

To be honest, I was expecting something more like this ( when I clicked on the email etiquette article. Still good, although not hilarious. :)

That's so cool about Transformers 3. One thing that I always liked about watching Chicago Code was seeing the city, but I love that people got excited about it.

I read that article about how to talk to little girls. I think it made some very good points, but I do agree with you that girls need to know that their dad thinks they're beautiful. I think women are just wired that way. With little girls, though, I think it's difficult to make other adjectives sound natural as terms of endearment. I was trying to think of some when I first read the article, and it just sounds kind of awkward to me. So you try some out and let us know how it goes. :)

bobby moss said...

The Oatmeal thing should be a part 2 required reading =)