Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why everybody needs to leave me alone today!!!

I am taking a breaking today. You can't stop me.

Last Sunday morning I spoke at church about Sabbath and why it is so important to take one. So today I am practicing what I preached. 

My email will not be looked at until Monday morning.
My Facebook and Twitter will be abandoned until tomorrow.
My phone will be in airplane mode so that I don't receive calls or texts.
My family and I are going to Central Park all day to laugh and play, to enjoy one another and this beautiful place.

I am taking a Sabbath!

You need to take a break!!!  Don't believe me?
You are not a machine!
Stop working and take a break to enjoy your life, family, and His creation.

I am doing this today.  Leave me alone!!!   =)

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Allison Mennella said...

Have fun on your Sabbath!