Monday, August 01, 2011

Holding hands with Jaxon

The Moss fam walked around Times Square Saturday night. Baylee & I had gone the night before, but for this time around it was the whole clan. The kids loved the lights, all the people, and didn't want to leave the M&M store. Or McDonalds. Or the Disney store. 

We were walking back to our hotel when Jaxon wanted to be released from the stroller. We had him in because of the crowds, but he had enough of riding and was ready for some walking. Well, running. All over the place. 

A couple blocks away from our hotel Jaxon stopped, came back to me, and reached his hand up to take mine. And that was it. He just wanted to hold my hand and walk. He pointed at cars, and the big bus, and jumped a couple cracks. But through all of it he didn't let go of my hand. I was eating up every minute.

Getting closer to our hotel, a family of three turned from a cross street and started walking in front of us. It was a dad and mom, and their junior high son. They all three were talking and laughing as they went, but it was the father and son who held hands. Normally you would think the mom and the son doing this, so it was unique to see dad and him holding hands. There was a real affection between the two as they just strolled along. 

It was one of those unexpected "moments," as I watched this dad hold his junior higher's hand while at the same time I was holding my two year old's hand. The thought going through my mind was, "How do I get him to still want to hold my hand when he's that old?" 

Being Chicagoans, we were walking a little faster, so we got to the point of coming along side the family to pass them. Seeing the father and son was special and very touching to me, so I had to ask him. I really wanted to acknowledge this father and their relationship. You don't see this every day.
So I'm getting excited about an exchange. As we come alongside them I jovially say, "So what's the secret sir? What do you have to do so they'll still hold your hand at that age?"

Great! My deep, memorable, connecting, Kodak, Hallmark moment is ruined by a language barrier. 

So I didn't learn the techniques of the parenting master. No idea what his secret skills are. We laughed as we got in the hotel's front door. While waiting for the elevator I picked up Jaxon, and whispered in his ear, "I'll figure it out buddy. If it's the last thing I do, I will. I promise."

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Timothy said...

Wow... this is just fantastic, Bobby. Such a powerful moment captured in well-chosen words. Thank you for this amazing post.