Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"The 1st day of school" or "Why blinking sucks"

Yesterday she was...

And then I blinked, and today she is...

First day of school.

I keep telling her to stop it. 
I remind her that she promised me she wouldn't get bigger.
That she'd stay four. 

She never listens. 
And I keep blinking.
Please give her a love for learning.
Please give her a love for people.
Please give her a love for making you proud.
Please bring her risks - but keep her whole through them.
Please teach her to think critically - but not at the loss of loving passionately.
Please provide her friends who will point to you and friends to whom she can do the pointing.
Please protect her from conformity and mediocrity.
And please, please...help me to blink slower. 

1 comment:

Daniel Benjamin said...

You were supposed to give me hope in this post and say that it does slow down;/