Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week in review #12

So this week was one of getting caught up on things. A process that never seems to end. From the last week:
  • Grading almost all done. Have bills paid (on time is a different story). Work travel plans are made for the next few weeks. Sometimes you just need to take a day to get things back in order. I needed a week. Still have a few things lingering, but for the most part we're good.
  • Fall is officially here - my favorite season! I like the cooler weather, just hate that it gets dark earlier. But I'll take it being colder over sweating any day (someone give me an Amen!)
  • Jeannette and I fell in love with GLEE last year, and the new season kicked off this week. It was a great first episode! Now looking forward to the House premiere (best show on TV).
  • I visited my hometown on Wed. Surreal. 30 years later, I can remember so much. Some good, some bad. We all need those reminiscing times - and shouldn't be afraid of them.
  • Have to be fair and give credit where credit is due. I've flow Delta 3 different times this year and have had 3 different horrible situations.  Yesterday, my beloved Southwest didn't fly to Chattanooga, so someone else had to be chosen. I decided to give Delta another chance. Surprise, surprise - everything went smooth! No delays, no lost baggage, no jerky airline attendents. It was actually rather enjoyable. Still not going to switch from Southwest, but at least the flight wasn't horrible.
  • This blog post from Seth Godin pretty much sums up why I've been trying to get into a regular habit of blogging: Talker's block
  • R.E.M. broke up this week. Kinda weird. Thanks to Spotify (which I have fallen in love with), been listening to a lot of their stuff this week. Automatic For the People is probably one of the best albums of the 90's, and it never gets old.
  • If we were to put everyone's reactions to life into a ledger, the things being said about the new Facebook changes seem to belong in the "overreacting" column of things. Personally, I like the new stuff. Timeline looks pretty sweet, the music/movies/TV stuff as well. But, the uproar currently going on will definitely be a good thing for the future of Google+
  • Jim Henson honored with Muppets Google Doodle - awesome!
  • Gears of War 3 came out this week. Like I needed that distraction. is awesome!
  • Someone invite me over for a homemade breakfast, and then please make me these pancakes
  • Posts from this week:
  • Picture of the week:
  • Baylee made a new buddy at the park - hence kite flying together

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