Saturday, August 06, 2011

Week in Review #6

I'm sitting in LaGuardia airport, waiting to catch the flight back home with the fam. 10 days in NY was amazing, but we're ready for being back in sweet home Chicago. Just the same, here's the past week:
  • The more time I spend in Manhattan and Brooklyn the more I want to move to New York. Chicago is still better by far, but I'll jump at any chance I can get to be back in New York. It won't happen anytime soon, but I LOVE this city. Going to gather all of the pictures from both our phones and the camera to post an album later.
  • We spent most of our city time in Central Park, Time Square, and the areas in between.  Central Park is amazing. We didn't even seen half of it. Beautiful place, though the zoo there is quite lacking. Baylee & Jaxon thought it was funny to take a picture by the Shakespeare statue that is depicted in the Gnomeo and Juliet cartoon.
  • The Toys R Us in Times Square is the best I've ever seen. It's also better than the FAO Swartz and Disney store that are in that area. Phenominal! 
  • If you ever wondered how they could financially sustain an M&M store right in Time Square, it's because the M&M's are $12.99 a pound.
  • I told Jeannette that for all the times we've been to New York that I've never seen any of the Ghostbusters filming locations. We remedied time, seeing: the building where the final battle against State Puff takes place, the Public Library where the ghost librarian is at, and...drum roll...the Ghostbusters HQ:

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