Saturday, September 03, 2011

Week in review #9

Fall being upon us helps me recover from my pathetic mourning of not really having a summer. Fall is by far my favorite season of the year! And this is the last week leading up to it:
  • This past weekend I was on a mission. It ended Monday when I unpacked the final box at our condo! "We're still living out of boxes" shall not be said of our condo!!! (that last part said in Gandlaf "you shall not pass!" voice)
  • Traveling again for Logos starts back up this Thurs. It's been nice having a couple weeks to stay local. Have been able to get caught up on some home stuff and have been able to actually explore the city some with the fam. But I love my job! Some great opportunities ahead this fall. It's been a GREAT year!!
  • Some great meetings this week that are going to bring about some new changes. Excited about them. Very excited! Can't say now, but would appreciate your prayers for wisdom. 
  • This upcoming Thurs I get to participate in the SPEAK conference on church communication. Very pumped to hear from the other presenters, and excited to share some of the awesome things happening at Logos.
  • Got a great haircut from Tiffany Schaaf who goes to our church. If you live on the northside you should go to her! Or just drive in to the city and go. Her site: TifStylist  
  • OK, according to this article, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day got kicked off a Southwest flight because he had on low hanging baggy pants. Forget the baggy pants, he travels Southwest?!?!?! Southwest is what I fly 9x's out of 10! Anytime I get on a flight now I'm going to be looking for him. That is, if he still flys them after the pants issue. =)
  • Vulnerability and confession time here. I would like to acknowledge that I am probably a big part of this Chicagoland achievement: LINK
  • Looking forward to this movie. The books were superb, so they better not mess up the film!
  • Loved this article about movie making and how the old classics couldn't be made today.
  • Posts from the last week:
  • Pic of the week! Lincoln Park Zoo should buy this from us to make postcards:

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