Saturday, January 07, 2012

Week in review #27

One week of 2012 down, 51 one to go. The last time I did a week in review post (#16) was a few months ago. That lost time was summarized in a post last week, so things continue on with #27. This one is coming right from a trip to the nation's capital:

Highlights from the week:
  • Sunday night at church we kicked off the new year with a communion celebration. Usually when you think Communion you think a thimble of juice and a small cracker. This wasn't enough for us, we had a Lord's SUPPER. The almost 90 people present all gathered around tables for a full meal, sharing, and testimony. We took communion together around the tables and then ended the night with worship. It was really phenomenal, the type of "church fam" time we'll do again and again.
  • Monday morning the Moss' took off at 6am from Midway, heading to DC for a conference that I had for work. Tues-Thurs were long days for me, through which Jeannette & the kids furthered their progression of finding a Chuck E Cheese in every major city. While they were out exploring or chilling in the hotel room, I was stuck behind an exhibit table. It was a long yet good week. We did have some good times through the week: 
    • Ate at Noodles & Co for the first time ever and LOVED it!
    • Our kids singing and dancing to the music from the Rio movie makes us smile and laugh every time.
    • One night after I was done with work we drove around the memorials, taking turns getting out to look at monuments while the other stayed in the car with the sleeping kids. This was probably my favorite part of the week.
    • Friday we had for the most part a whole afternoon to ourselves and spent it walking around the capital building and national mall. Times like these are really special moments for our family - just walking, laughing, exploring, and being together.
    • It was on the late night excursion that we saw the new MLK monument. AMAZING! A really powerful work - the artist did a breathtaking job.

Cool finds & stuff:
Posts from this last week:  
 Pics of the week:
Baylee trying to relive her New York pic from the summer =)
Climbed up there by himself: impressive
His face: priceless

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