Thursday, December 27, 2012

My most read blog posts in 2012

"Busy" would be a pretty good summary word of my 2012. Traveling with Logos, pastoring New Life Lincoln Park, teaching at Moody and having an amazing family pretty much fills up every second of every day (and then some). So though I wasn't able to blog anywhere near as much as I would like to, below are the top blog posts from my blog in 2012

What a Christian Needs to know as President Obama begins four more years - this actually became the most viewed entry of any blog post I've ever written.

Tears for Newtown

Praying with Baylee at the flagpole

My bittersweet Birthday present

Aug 2nd: Gospel Appreciation Day

My Chevy Cavalier: Feb 1998-July 2012
Spiderman and my hilarious daughter

Did you fall for yesterday's Back To The Future scam?

If it didn't...

Passing on the Star Wars legacy and being a good day

"It's tough being the one holding a father and mother when they just lost their son"

The Pain of Miscarriage and the goodness of God

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